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Time-slot information panel is installed in the port of Odessa

The "PPL 33-35" company together with the Administration of the Odessa branch of the State Enterprise "USPA" continues to work on the joint plan of the Odessa port digitalization.

Today, January 21, at the storage site of Euroterminal LLC (Dry Port), a TV monitor was installed with information on the number of available applications for entering the port by specific time sectors (time slots) during the day, as well as by terminals and modes of cargo. The software for this was developed by the "PPL 33-35" experts. The information panel, which is integrated with the Port Community Information System (ISPC), is mounted in the transport check-in hall, where are located the accounting groups of container terminal operators and the Odessa port authority.

The actions of the Digitalization Plan are aimed at simplifying procedures during the stay of transport and cargo in the Odessa port and reducing the number of paper documents and physical contacts required for their operations. The purpose of this work is not only to improve the efficiency of port logistics, but also to respond to the crisis caused by the pandemic COVID-19.

In particular, in the fall of last year, software for planning the time of arrival of vehicles at the port (on-line application "Time-slot") was developed and implemented jointly with the Odessa Port Authority, which made it possible to increase the uniformity of the distribution of the quanity of vehicles during the day and reduce the probability of peak loads and traffic jams at the port checkpoint and adjacent city streets.

Also, work continues on the integration of the ISPC software with the Odessa port and container terminal operators , in order to reduce the number of paper documents and the need for clients to visit the accounting groups of terminals directly.
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