Information System of Port Community
The system of digital interaction, uniting all the port community members at the seaports of Ukraine.
Information System of Port Community (ISPC) is designed for the integration of all the members of the seaport's transport and cargo processes into the single information space with the possibility of sharing and accessing information, that is used in the framework of the port's technological processes with the use of organizational and technical protection of confidential information.

The goal of the system – the minimization of paper-based workflow during the performance of technological operations at the port, optimization of technological processes, reduction in the time of each operation by the providing of operative, correct and legitimate information for all members of transport and cargo processes.

Today more than 1300 organizations of various forms of ownership, state control, and law-enforcement agencies are connected to the system.

ISPC is a single-window system for the electronic workflow at the seaports, suitable for use as for the commercial parties, as for the relations between business and the state.

The administrator of ISPC is the Ukrainian Sea Ports Authority.
ISPC in numbers
The electronic interaction system that unites
all members of the port community
in the seaports of Ukraine
> 5 000 000
Number of transactions per month
> 90%
Ratio of electronic documents to the documents in electronic form
> 3 500
Number of active users

Advantages of ISPC

Optimization of business processes of clearance of goods and transport mediums.
The possibility of remote clearance of goods and transport mediums.
Available 24/7.
The legitimate fixation of actors' treatment to the state body and the outcome of a review.
Error reduction
The minimization of the human factor in the process of clearing goods and vehicles
Exchange of legally significant documents between the stakeholders. Preservation of documents
API for the integration
A programming interface for the possibility of connecting the existing clients' systems (CRM, 1C, BAS, ERP) to the ISPC platform.
Unified document feeding by actors from all the seaports of Ukraine with the use of one format and one software.
Legally significant archive
Storage of documents in the electronic archives that meet the requirements to the systems that are designed for the processing of the confidential information
Protected workflow
A complex system of protection, certified by the State Service of Special Communication and Information Protection of Ukraine. Certification of the information security management system ISO 27001.
System of an electronic interaction, uniting all the port community members at the seaports of Ukraine.

What is ISPC?

PCS (Port Community System, ISPC) — it's a digital platform that unites several systems, ruled by various organizations who constitute the port or the airport community.