Digital solutions for
Sustainable Business Development

About us
Company PPL 33-35 LLC was established in April 2012 with the aim of implementing the concept of simplification, harmonization, standardization and digitalization of international trade and transport procedures based on international standards and the best world practices.

Nowadays the company is a key provider of trade facilitation and single window solutions.
Our mission
To create a sustainable environment for transforming business processes to improve efficiency, transparency and compliance, as well as reduce the impact of barriers and simplify procedures.

Realizing the potential of such transformation through the application of international best practices, standards and technical solutions, combined with our own unique experience and developments.
Our projects of Single Window and Electronic Interaction
Information system of port community (ISPC)
Electronic consignment note (e-TTH)
Electronic CMR consignment note
bill of lading
Electronic invoice
Our partners
Main activities
Analysis and optimization of business processes
Experience with processes in the field of:
  • Ports and Logistics
  • Customs
  • Business process optimization
  • Harmonization of documents
  • Electronic document management system of information security

Experience in interaction with information systems of customers and partners:
  • Organization of procedures for interaction with information systems of clients and partners
  • Technical implementation of Electronic Data Interchange
  • Service 24/7
Software development and support
  • Electronic interaction systems

  • Operation management systems in various fields of activity:
    - for sea and river ports, airports
    - for dry ports
    - for port terminals
    - for logistics companies and etc.

  • Technology stack
    Technological platforms and frameworks
Construction and operation of Data processing centers
  • Design and construction of Data centers
  • Service 24/7
  • Creation of an integrated information security system (IISS)
  • Preparation and passing of national certification of data centers
Technical support - onsite support and remote support 24/7
  • Own products: level1, level2, level3
  • Products of customers and partners: level1, level2, level3 in any combination
  • Full support of stack infrastructure
ISO certificates
Certificate of integrated information security system (IISS)