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Expansion of the functionality of customer notifications in the process of work in ISPS.

In ISPC, the functionality of notification of the customers in the process of paperwork has been expanded. In addition to the already available options for receiving notification of events related to a specific document, the option of subscribing to notifications for all documents of the Organization is provided. The list of events for which you can receive notifications has also been expanded. For example, according to the document, it is possible to notify on the registration at the customs office of a permit for the release of a vehicle, and from the general information, a notification is available about the addition or change of the plan of entry of vehicles into the port. In addition, the opportunity to receive all ISPC news is provided.
All types of notifications can be received by email and / or Telegram. Instructions for subscribing and using the mode are available at https://youtu.be/lfQU5ZJl0JI
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